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Family and Friends – December 14th

Family and Friends (Family Council) Connections Thursday, December 14 1:30 pm – 2:30pm Menno Home Chapel Coffee, Tea, Refreshments are provided Join Us! If you are supporting a loved one in Menno Home or Hospital, come and be a part of our family and friends council on December 14 at 1:30-2:30 in the Menno Home […]

December Highlights

Celebrating the Christmas Season – December Highlights! December 8th: Trip to Potter’s Store Christmas Display December 8th : Christmas Light Tour Pavilion: December 5th: 2:30 PM-Dining Room – Christmas Children Choir December 6th: 2:30-Dining Room- Friends and Family Christmas Tea with Russ and Carolyn Bailey December 11th: 2:00 PM-Dining Room- Rexall Pharmacy Presentation: “Fall Prevention” […]

Dementia Roadmap for Families

Dementia affects about 1 in 7 Canadians over the age of 70 (alzheimers.org). While different kinds of dementia vary in their initial presentation and rate of progression, there are features of the dementia journey common to all. This brochure is a basic roadmap of the territory to help families orient themselves on the journey they […]

Family Council – Home and Hospital

You are invited to join us! Family and Friends (Family Council) Connections Thursday, October 19th 1:30 pm – 2:30pm Menno Home Chapel Coffee, Tea, Refreshments are provided Special Guest: Kim Cantwell, Menno Home Care Manager, Infection Control Lead Hilde Wiebe, Executive Director, Care Services

Family Council Survey Results

The Social Work Team has completed our Family Council Survey. We really appreciate your feedback and we continue to strive to best serve our residents and families. Based on the survey results, as requested, Family Council will occur every other month, effective Oct. 19, 2017. It will continue to be on the 3rd Thursday of […]

A Christmas in the Summer

As young teens, our top hits were Jeruzalem and ‘Ere zij God’ – Glory to God.
We sang Jeruzalem everywhere -in school, at work, or in our minds while biking, but never in church.
‘Ere zij God,’ Glory to God, on the other hand, we sang in church exclusively, however, only once a year…