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Getting to Know Our Team – Garry Janzen – Life Enrichment Coordinator


Garry Janzen is the newest member of the Menno Place team! He is the Life Enrichment Coordinator for Menno Home and Menno Hospital.
He has spent the last ten years in pastoral ministry, and prior to that worked 25 years in the business community.
We are thrilled to welcome Garry to the team, and he’s answered a couple questions so that we can get to know him better…

November Events – Highlights for the Month

Don’t miss these wonderful events happening in November!

We encourage Families and Friends to join residents at these events as they are very special and wonderful to enjoy together.

Please see the Menno Home & Hospital Recreation Calendars for daily & special events, bus trips, etc

The Apartments


November 20th at 2:00pm – Rexall Pharmacy Presentation: Memories

November is the time for remembrance. Together we will learn about the challenges that this time of year can pose for those who lived through difficult times.


November 20th at 3:00pm – Rexall Pharmacy Presentations: Memories -TE 1st Floor Lounge

*see explanation under Pavilion

Primrose Gardens

November 25th at 3:00pm – Ukulele Performance

For all Apartment Residents to attend:

November 10th at 2:30pm – Talent Show in the Terrace Dining Room

Bus Trips

November 17th – Christmas Shopping at Seven Oaks Mall

November 24th – Christmas Shopping at Walmart

Where can you see the full Recreation Calendars for each month?

Recreation Calendars – Click Here


Getting to Know Our Team – Hilde Wiebe – Executive Director of Care Services


Hilde is our Executive Director of Care Services. From the outset of her nursing career, her focus and energies have been directed towards care for seniors. She has served in the capacity of general duty nurse, nurse manager, Director of Care and Director of Resident Programs in residential care facilities within Fraser Health. She believes deeply in the importance of competent and caring staff and works to support all of our care staff.
Read her Q+A below to find out a bit more about her…

Flu Shots for Families and Friends – Nov. 4th at Fireside Cafe

Rexall Pharmacy will be providing flu clinics at Menno Campus for any staff or volunteer to obtain their seasonal flu vaccine. Please make note of the following Flu Clinic dates, as our Nurses will not be available to immunize staff.

November 4th
The Fireside Cafe
1:00pm to 4:00pm

You will need to bring with you:

  • Care Card.
  • An accessible shirt with sleeves that easily roll up, or short sleeves.

Influenza – or the flu – can be a serious contagious disease, which is spread by droplet transmission through close contact with an infected person. Infected individuals are highly contagious and can transmit the virus for 24 hours before they show any symptoms.

Each year, there are approximately 3,500 deaths from influenza and its complications across Canada. Influenza causes by far the most deaths among vaccine-preventable diseases, outpacing all others combined. Hospitalized patients and seniors in residential care are more vulnerable to influenza than healthy adults.

The most effective way to prevent the spread of influenza is by getting a flu shot and washing your hands regularly. If you don’t get a flu shot, you will be expected to protect our residents by wearing a mask while you are in a health care facility during flu.

Sign up for our Flu + Emergency Alerts – Click Here

Looking for more information?

Facts about Influenza
Influenza (Flu) Immunization: Myths and Facts
Is it a cold or influenza?
What is Norovirus?

Do you have questions, ideas or concerns?

Click here


Getting to Know Our Team – Laura Hanayli – Occupational Therapist


Laura’s role as an occupational therapist at Menno Place includes helping residents with their mobility skills – using their hands, walking, exercising – and working with them to improve those skills.

Today, we got a chance to ask her some more personal questions – read the interview below!

Dementia Roadmap for Families

Dementia affects about 1 in 7 Canadians over the age of 70 ( While different kinds of dementia vary in their initial presentation and rate of progression, there are features of the dementia journey common to all. This brochure is a basic roadmap of the territory to help families orient themselves on the journey they are traveling, and see what is coming farther along the road.


Accreditation 2018 – BEE Prepared – Accreditation Fair – Oct. 25th

It’s time once again to BEE Prepared! Accreditation 2018 is happening in October 2018 – just around the corner!

Meet your buzz-worthy guide, Buzzbee! She’ll guide you so that you can BEE prepared!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

1:30 – 3:30pm

Menno Hospital Chapel


Menno Place has a legacy of caring, compassion and excellent services to our residents. Our last Accreditation occurred in 2013 in which Menno Home and Hospital attained Exemplary Status. We are now beginning preparations for our next survey in October 2018. This time Assisted Living will be part of our survey.

Accreditation Canada is the independent, not-for-profit organization that examines and assesses health care providers. See their website:


Through the Accreditation process, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our excellence in service delivery, identify opportunities for ongoing improvement, and continue to build on the successes and feedback from our last survey in October 2013. In 2013, Menno Place was accredited with exemplary standing.

Accredited with Exemplary Standing means that the organization exceeded the most rigorous requirements of the accreditation program. This is the highest standing awarded by Accreditation Canada.


Buzzbee is our buzzworthy guide to help prepare our teams for Accreditation. Each month, she’ll introduce a bulletin with a new theme. You’ll find the bulletin on our website and in our monthly email newsletter.


Read the bulletins and use the Questions & Answers (Q&A) that you receive to preapre for the questions that the surveyors may ask you.


Accreditation Canada surveyors will be at Menno Place from October 23 – 25, 2018.

During the survey period, two peer surveyors from across Canada will visit our Campus. They will tour our Homes, review our processes, and speak to people. Specifically, they will gather information by:

  • Reviewing resident health records and documentation
  • Talking and listening to leaders, physicians, staff, students, volunteers, residents, families and our community partners
  • Observing what takes place
  • Recording what they read, see and hear

The Accreditation survey is designed to assess our compliance with national standards for quality and safety of resident care. In particular, surveyors will be looking for the measures we have in place to meet the Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) set out by Accreditation Canada. There are 28 ROPs applicable to our Homes and we must demonstrate how we meet each of them to successfully complete Accreditation.


Accreditation helps health care organizations improve their performance for the benefit of their clients and the health system.

Each of our client organizations has chosen our ISQua-accredited program to help them pursue excellence, improve their performance, and guide their ongoing quality and safety initiatives. They do so both as a mark of pride and as a way to create a strong and sustainable focus on quality and safety within their walls.

Our approach to accreditation strengthens the quality improvement efforts that organizations already have underway. It helps them:

  • Assess their services and find out where to focus their improvement efforts
  • Develop standardized processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Mitigate risk and support the uptake of best practices
  • Build a culture of quality, safety, and excellence
  • Identify leading and commendable practices
  • Publicly promote their commitment to offering safe, high-quality services

(Taken from the Accreditation Canada website)

Look for an Accreditation Canada banner or certificate when you are at a health care organization. If it is accredited, you’ll know the organization is proud to have been assessed by its peers, met or exceeded national standards of excellence, and continues to strive for excellence.

Family Council – Home and Hospital

You are invited to join us!

Family and Friends (Family Council) Connections

Thursday, October 19th
1:30 pm – 2:30pm
Menno Home Chapel
Coffee, Tea, Refreshments are provided

Special Guest:
Kim Cantwell, Menno Home Care Manager, Infection Control Lead
Hilde Wiebe, Executive Director, Care Services