On Thursday evening over 60 members of the Mennonite Benevolent Society gathered for the Annual General Meeting. The Menno Place dietary staff served a delicious dinner, and many connections were made over the shared meal.
After dinner, several presentations were made by Menno Place Executives regarding the Annual Report and accounts.

Karen Baillie, CEO, spoke about the shift towards Resident and Family Centered Care that is happening at Menno Place,

Providing resident and family centered care means working collaboratively with residents and their families to provide care and services that is respectful, compassionate, culturally safe, and competent, while being responsive to their needs, values, cultural backgrounds and beliefs, and preferences.

At the end of the evening, a woman who has had reservations about moving to Menno Place for several years approached a staff member and shared what the AGM meant to her.

“I’m just so impressed. I’ve never felt like I’d like to live here, but after tonight, I’m going to apply. I have no words for it. I’m so impressed.”

When asked what, specifically, was most impressive, she said it was how much we do and how fun it all looks. But then she quickly qualified to say, “That’s not all… it’s ALL of it… the whole thing… the food, the people, the way it all feels to me.”

What a lovely result of what can seem like just a business meeting.