Butterfly Release Celebration

June 22nd, 2018

Each summer, Menno Place holds a special memorial event – the Butterfly Release Celebration. On Friday afternoon, over 300 people gathered in the Courtyard to participate in this cherished annual tradition. Moments of both joy and sorrow were shared as hundreds of new butterflies took flight to find their new home among the vibrant flowers.

This special afternoon of celebration and remembrance began with the Annual Memorial Service. Over 150 family, friends, residents and staff came to honour those who have passed away in the previous year at Menno Place. Led by the Pastoral Care Team, the Memorial is a time to share memories and support one another as a community.

The butterflies that are released after the memorial can have a lot of meaning for those who have experienced a loss. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is a powerful symbol in so many ways for us when we are grieving. We find hope in the transformation of these butterflies, a hope that even through transition and loss, beauty and new life can be found.

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