Report delivers Canadian Institute for Health Information’s first comprehensive look at this complex illness and its effects on seniors, caregivers and health systems

The number of people living with dementia continues to rise. This increase is due to growth in Canada’s seniors population, which is expected to rise 68% over the next 20 years. This rise will result in demands on Canada’s health care systems.

Caring for seniors with dementia presents many complex issues and challenges, which differ as the disease progresses:

  • Since most seniors with dementia reside in the community, primary care doctors and unpaid caregivers need proper supports to help them manage dementia care.
  • In long-term care, seniors with dementia continue to experience increased use of restraints and potentially inappropriate antipsychotics, despite a policy focus that is helping to improve the trends.
  • Seniors with dementia are hospitalized more frequently and for a longer time. Their longer hospital stays make them more susceptible to hospital harm, including urinary tract infections, pneumonia and falls.

To learn more, including specifics on how dementia impacts Canadians, unpaid caregiver challenges and supports, visit the Dementia in Canada webpage.