Family & Friends Council – June 15th- Dementia Care

Come and join us to discover how family and friends can be supported and involved in residents’ lives at Menno Home and Hospital.

Thursday, June 15th
1:30 – 2:30pm
Menno Home Chapel

Family and Friends is a group consisting of resident family members, friends and representatives who work together with staff to maintain and enhance the quality of life of residents and provide a voice in decisions that affect their loved ones. Refreshments are served.

Special Guest: Liezel Hippsley – Dementia Care

Rexall Health Solutions provides pharmacy services to residents of long term care (LTC), assisted living (AL), retirement communities, group homes, addiction recovery and hospice. The Rexall Health Solutions Clinical Steering Committee informs best practices used by our clinical team, evaluates new clinical information, and brings new educational programs to life.

Liezel Hippsley is an RN with over 20 years’ experience working with Seniors. Her career includes experience in surgery, medical, community, and LTC where she specialized in Dementia care. In LTC, Liezel was a Care coordinator, nurse educator, and DOC. In Rexall, she is the account manager for LTC, AL/IL, mental health, group homes and hospice care. She acts as the liaison between homes, pharmacy and head office. One of her roles is to coordinate special projects, facilitate education and implement contractual obligations. Come see how her work supports the lives of the residents at Menno Place in the next Family Council.



Dan Janzen – Social Worker
Precy de Armas – Social Worker