Are you supporting a loved one in Menno Home or Menno Hospital?

If so, you are invited to an Appreciation Dinner!

Friday, October 27th at 5:30pm

RSVP: Online – Click Here

Menno Hospital: 604.859.7631

Menno Home: 604.853.2411


Q: Who is invited?

A: Families and Friends of residents in Menno Home and Menno Hospital are invited to join us for the appreciation dinner.

Q: Can I bring along my loved one who lives in residential care?

A: We are asking you to join us for dinner without your loved one. This will give you an opportunity to fully participate in the program, meet the Menno Place leadership and enjoy the blessing that we wish to convey to you during the evening.  We hope that this dinner is not only enjoyable, but serves as an opportunity to speak openly with our leadership team and build relationships that will continue to sustain you in your ministry of caregiving.

Q: Are we invited if our loved one lives in The Apartments?

A: This dinner is only for those who are supporting a loved one in Menno Home and Menno Hospital. If you have a loved one living in The Apartments, you are invited each summer to join us for our Family & Friends BBQ held to encourage families and friends to enjoy each other while enjoying a delicious burger!

Q: What is the cost to attend the dinner?

A: This is a complimentary dinner intended to give Menno Place leadership an opportunity to express our appreciation for your involvement in loving and caring for a resident at Menno Home or Menno Hospital.

Q: How do I RSVP?

A: You can RSVP online – Click Here or call the Menno Hospital Reception (604.859.7631) or Menno Home Reception (604853.2411). Please tell us the name of the individual that you support as well as your own name and number of guests.