Join our Family Council

What is the Family Council?

The Council allows family members to feel less alone and isolated. It provides an opportunity to speak freely about problems, thereby releasing some of the tension.  Frequently, one or more individuals will have encountered the same situation, or a similar one, and may have helpful suggestions.

Also, on our own, we may feel powerless when speaking to staff about issues.  As a member of the Council, we have a sense of strength in numbers.  To date, the Council has met regularly with the administration to discuss matters of concern to us and our family member.  The administration has demonstrated a willingness to listen and to dialogue with us.  We have noted some positive developments since the inception of the Council.

Who May Attend?

Any family member of a resident, or any regularly visiting friend of a resident.

When is the Next Meeting?

Our next Family Council meeting is April 19th, at 1:30 pm in the Menno Home Chapel.

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