Pet Therapy at Menno Place

Joy and Connection

The Pet Therapy program at Menno Place has been a source of great joy for residents across the campus.

Why pet therapy?

The benefits of an animal/human bond are far more extensive than simply companionship. There are definite physical, emotional and mental benefits to pet therapy among seniors. Some of these reported benefits include:

  • Greater social engagement with individuals/residents talking more, participating more in activities, and smiling more
  • Stress relief and distraction from pain
  • Comfort and calming
  • Improved self-confidence and esteem

Who provides Pet Therapy at Menno Place?

The annual Butterfly Release Celebration.

The annual Butterfly Release is a beautiful extension of the Pet Therapy program. This event provides a chance for residents and their families to purchase a butterfly in honour of someone they love, a chance to be together, to marvel at the beauty of a butterfly together.
Proceeds from the Butterfly Release are used to fund the Pet Therapy program. This summer, the Butterfly Release raised $1600.

How much does the Pet Therapy program cost each year?

  • $3,000 for the basic program that we currently run
  • $10,000 for an expanded, more frequent program

How can you be involved in ensuring the Pet Therapy program continues to grow?

Make a tax-deductible donation to our Pet Therapy program, and be a part of bringing connection and joy to seniors lives through the companionship of animals.

Make a tax-deductible, secure donation to support Pet Therapy at Menno Place.

Donations of $20 or greater will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Click here for detailed information on donations to Menno Place.