PointClickCare – Launching in the Hospital – Launched in the Home

April 2018 marks the onboarding month for Menno Hospital’s Point of Care software launch. This launch took place last year in Menno Home. Point of Care is the interactive software that is updated through handheld devices. It allows our care teams to document resident care in real-time.

This person-centered platform provides a holistic view to all involved in care delivery for our residents. (Click to view PointClickCare website).

Greater intelligence, shared knowlege and access to all care partners results in confident decision-making and accurate care planning. Care and service plans revolve around the resident, which means that we deliver the highest quality of care, we mitigate risk, ensure compliance and strengthen relationships. In addition, this software continues to move our Paperless Project forward. This is our initiative to decrease the use of paper across our campus.

Thank you to all of the staff who have spearheaded this tranisition from paper-based documentation to electronic documentation – thanks to Sandra Ramsey who has customized the software for our use in Menno Home and Menno Hospital. We also thank Trish Giesbrecht, Manager of Care, Hospital for her leadership and vision for the use of this software for our residents. Both Sandra and Trish attended The Summit, 2018 in November to take in education and vision for how this software can improve our care and documentation here in residential care.

Our care teams are using hand-held devices (ipod or ipad) to record their care services and to document in real-time. It may appear that they are using their cell phone while at work. This is not the case! In fact, they are documenting the services they have just provided to a resident.  The accuracy of recording is incredible and the sharing of information is beyond what we have ever been able to have in the past. This will ensure quality of care for our residents and consistency regardless of who is providing the care that day.

What an exciting time this is! Please continue to encourage our care teams we move into this new technology and as we serve our residents in this way.