The Beauty of a Butterfly

Lex, along with his great-grandchildren, releases a butterfly in the Menno Place Courtyard.

“I was worried about the weather, it was rainy and cold in the morning. Would it clear up for the afternoon release of butterflies? I earnestly hoped the sun would come through so that letting the butterflies free to fly could take place. Every year Menno Place holds a memorial service to the memory of those of our residents who have passed away….”

Lex, a resident at Menno Place, reflected on the Butterfly Release Celebration that took place last June. He was joined by two of his granddaughters for the afternoon, along with their children. The butterfly that Lex purchased was in honour of a close friend who had passed away several weeks prior. Lee had been a friend through many ups and downs, and Lex was glad to honour him in this way.

Throughout the Courtyard, as family and friends open their little boxes, sounds of awe and delight can be heard as butterflies linger for a moment before rising into the sky and exploring the garden.

For the last two years, the Butterfly Release Celebration has been an important and profound part of life at Menno Place. Loved ones from all generations gather together to celebrate, to remember, to support one another, and most of all, to share a moment of heartfelt joy at the sight of a butterfly taking flight.

Butterflies provide a very special symbols of transitions in our own lives. The butterfly moves through the transitions from egg to larvae to pupa and emerges from the cocoon with grace and beauty. This reminder encourages us to move through our own transitions with hope and grace, embracing the next stage of life. The butterfly beckons us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. We can see that toiling, fretting and anger are useless against the turning tides of transition. The butterfly invites us to recognize this for our own transitions.