Street Parking – Primrose Street and Brundige Ave

There has been an increase in Apartment residents, families and visitors expressing challenges to find parking when they visit their loved ones in the Apartments.

In order to provide more visitor parking, we are addressing any cars parked in violation of parking policy along Brundige Ave or Primrose Street.

Street Parking for Visitors and Residents

Street Parking on the west side of Primrose Street and the south side of  Brundige Ave (alongside the Menno Place campus) is only for for visitors and residents of those apartments. Service providers such as housekeepers and Home Health are considered visitors of our residents.

Lawn signs have been placed alongside of the parking areas on these streets where only visitors and residents are permitted to park.

A parking pass MUST be displayed on the dash of your car in order to avoid receiving a ticket or being towed. The City of Abbotsford monitors the street parking, issues tickets and tows vehicles in violation of the parking regulations.

Parking Pass for Visitors

If you are a visitor of a resident in either Terrace East or Primrose Gardens apartments, please connect with Primrose Gardens or Terrace East reception to qualify for a parking pass. This pass must be current and displayed on the dash of your car in order to avoid a parking ticket or towing.

Questions? Call Primrose Gardens Reception –  604.851.4000