West 2 Residents at Menno Hospital are putting their best foot forward!

Last week a number of residents took their first steps towards a variety of destinations as part of The Great Canadian Mobility Challenge; a new mobility initiative on West 2 at Menno Hospital. Each resident was encouraged to come up with a place they wished to visit, and with the help of a hallway – Kilometer conversion scale, are now making their way towards those goals. The progress is being charted on a large map near the West 2 entrance.

Jack is 1400 km’s closer to his home town of Rosetown SK.

Alice is 600 km’s nearer to the autumn leaves in the Laurentian Mountains.

Edna is 800 km’s along her way to Lunenburg NS.

Mary is 1400 km’s nearer to Peggy’s Cove.

Andy is 300 km’s closer to old friends in Gravelbourg SK.

Michael has gone 1200km’s towards Montreal.

And Gertrude is 1200km’s closer to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean.

Congratulations to all our walkers so far!

Mobility and Falls Prevention is the focus of a TREK/SCOPE Research Project being conducted by an interdisciplinary team made up of HCA (care aide) Recreation, Rehab and Nursing leaders. The team is called the Menno Mobility Squad and throughout the next year will be encouraging residents to lead a more active lifestyle in order to maintaining their strength as a means to reducing or preventing falls.

Their motto is: “Mobility within your ability”.