More than 150 volunteers gave 11,500 hours of their time to our residents last year! Thank you!

Volunteer Programs

Recreation Program Volunteers

Recreation Volunteers are involved with our residents in many of the following ways:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • One-to-one Visits
  • Reminiscing
  • Fitness
  • Reading & Writing Letters
  • Bus Trips
  • Bingo calling
  • Active games
  • Table games (eg. dominos)
  • Card games (eg. crib, skip-bo)
  • Computers
  • Gardening
  • Walking
  • Shopping Trips
  • Wheelchair transporting
  • Musical performances
  • Chapel programs
  • Helping with special seasonal events
  • Cooking and baking
  • TLC (tender loving care: manicures & hand massage)
  • Evening programs (eg. movie nights, Wii games)

Menno Place will be conducting Volunteer interviews during the months of February, May, October and December. Please fill in the online application and indicate in the “General Comments” section of the application which month you would like to sign up for. If, for any reason, you would like to change the month, please call in and we will move your interview date to one of the three remaining months.

Pastoral Care Volunteers

Pastoral Care Volunteers at Menno Place are people who:

  • Love listening to elderly people share their stories and their struggles
  • See themselves exploring how their personal gifts and skills can provide spiritual care to those facing the questions and challenges of aging
  • Want to integrate theological understanding with practical, hands-on ministry experience
  • Desire to understand and appreciate elders int eh various stages of their aging process
  • Are discerning gifts and future calling through reflecting on ministry experiences
  • Have faith in and faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His way of reconciling love
  • May require volunteer hours for furthering education
  • Are adults of any age (from 18 – 100+)
  • Can volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours in one block of time

Menno Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers

The Menno Hospital Auxiliary is a rewarding, challenging and fulfilling opportunity to participate and make a difference at Menno Place. The Auxiliary volunteers support and assist the staff and provide an important link for residents to the community.

The Menno Hospital is licensed under the Hospital Act. Like other hospitals (ARH, St. Paul’s, etc.), this provides the opportunity for the community to support the Menno Hospital through charitable gifts. Historically, auxiliaries have been responsible for providing hospitals with the extras that are not covered through provincial funding.

The Menno Hospital Auxiliary is a team of volunteers who generate revenue through running the Menno Place Treasures Gift Shop and special fund-raising.

Auxiliary Volunteers are people who:

  • enhance residents’ comfort through visiting, transporting and establishing friendships
  • initiate funding for special needs such as equipment, as approved by the Menno Hospital
  • foster good relations between the Menno Hospital and the community
  • serve the Menno Hospital, promoting the residents’ welfare

Auxiliary Volunteers spend time:

  • operating the Menno Place Fireside Treasures Gift Shop
  • reading and writing letters
  • hosting special events
  • creating special fund-raising projects
  • knitting articles for the gift shop

Download the Online Application PDF and submit the completed form to the Fireside Treasures Gift Shop at the Menno Hospital Main Entrance.

Call Yvonne – 604.853.5529 to let the Menno Hospital Auxiliary know you are interested in joining this great cause.

Pastoral Care Volunteers

Pastoral Care FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions about Pastoral Care Volunteering

  1. When during the year can I volunteer?
    Volunteers come to Menno Place any time of the year.
    Student interns can volunteer during their school semester or during the summer break.
  2. What days can I volunteer?
    We encourage volunteers to come on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
  3. How much time do I volunteer each week?
    2 hours is a reasonable amount of time to spend in one block.
    Student interns are expected to come for 3 hours per block.
  4. What kind of training do I need to be a pastoral care volunteer?
    We provide training for pastoral care volunteers. In the fall, we hold a one-day training session. It is essential for anyone who is planning on participating in the pastoral care volunteer program at Menno Place.
  5. How do I apply?
    Click here to apply online.
  6. Do you provide any compensation?
    We aren’t able to provide compensation, but we do provide a parking pass for volunteers
  7. What amount of faith do I need in order to be a pastoral care volunteer?
    You are a person who has faith in and faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His way of reconciling love

Pastoral Care Training

Each fall, we hold a one-day training session for pastoral care volunteers. This is an essential training for anyone who is participating in the pastoral care volunteer program at Menno Place.

$20 includes training and lunch

8:30am – 4:30pm

Please email if you are interested in participating.

Connecting with the Chaplains

Pastoral Care Volunteers are supervised through our chaplaincy program at Menno Place. Ingrid Schultz is the primary contact –

Pre-requisites for Volunteering

During the waiting period, we recommend all applicants begin completing the prerequisites required for all Menno Place Volunteers.


Influenza Shot
1. Receive the Influenza Flu Shot and provide us with a copy of proof. Note that we do require ALL volunteers to be immunized every year. If you choose not to obtain the flu shot, your volunteer position will be put on hold from December 1st to April 30th.

Criminal Record Check
2. We require all volunteers to have a Criminal Record Check done. This is a FREE, online process for volunteers and we will provide you with further information during the volunteer interviews to get you started with this.

Volunteer Application
3. Please fill out your volunteer application online.